node-red-contrib-siemens-sentron 0.0.1

A node-RED nodes to read electrical measures from Siemens SENTRON series over Modbus TCP/IP

npm install node-red-contrib-siemens-sentron

A node-RED nodes to read electrical measures from Siemens SENTRON series over Modbus TCP/IP.

Node-RED configurator to read Siemens SENTRON series over Modbus TCP/IP


You can install these nodes directly from the "Manage Palette" menu in the Node-RED interface.

Alternatively, run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red on Linux or %HOMEPATH%\.nodered on Windows

    npm install node-red-contrib-siemens-sentron 

How to use

meter node

Use the measure node to configure which information you want to request from the device.

Wire the output of the measure to the input of the Modbus Flex Getter from 'node-red-contrib-modbus' modules.

Enable check box Keep Msg Properties in the Modbus Flex Getter properties.

getter node

Use the getter node to convert the values from the modbus response into human readable numbers.

Wire the second output of the Modbus Flex Getter to the input of the getter.


List of PAC2200 meter data:

Measure Units Type
Voltage L1-N V Float
Voltage L2-N V Float
Voltage L3-N V Float
Voltage L1-L2 V Float
Voltage L2-L3 V Float
Voltage L3-L1 V Float
Current L1 A Float
Current L2 A Float
Current L3 A Float
Apparent power L1 VA Float
Apparent power L2 VA Float
Apparent power L3 VA Float
Active power L1 W Float
Active power L2 W Float
Active power L3 W Float
Reactive power L1 var Float
Reactive power L2 var Float
Reactive power L3 var Float
Power factor L1 - Float
Power factor L2 - Float
Power factor L3 - Float
Frequency Hz Float
Average voltage L-N V Float
Average voltage L-L V Float
Average current A Float
Total apparent power VA Float
Total active power W Float
Total reactive power var Float
Total power factor - Float
Neutral current A Float
Active energy import Wh Float
Reactive energy import varh Float
Active energy export Wh Float
Reactive energy export varh Float

Device type


Meter data


Message object


Sample flow


Equipment compatibility

These modules has been developed and tested on:


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