node-red-contrib-sensor-rotation-to-phrase 0.0.3

A node to interpret sensor rotation as phrases

npm install node-red-contrib-sensor-rotation-to-phrase

Allows you to interprets TI sensortag rotation as phrases.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install:

    npm install node-red-contrib-sensor-rotation-to-phrase


This node expects input from an IBM IOT In Node. The IOT Node will have been configured to report on device events from a TI Sensor Tag. Consequently this node expects the rotational acceleration to be provided as input on


as from an iOS bridge


or if from an Android bridge



The sensitivity configuration allows you to determine how much motion is required before then node detects rotational motion. You will need to tune the sensitivity and the frequency in which the sensorTag reports to get the best response for you. I have mine tuned at sensitivity of 0.5 and a frequency of an event every 200ms.

If you lay the sensortag down, light sensor up, text the right way round, then the side facing away from you is the bow, the side nearest you is the stern. Left is port and right is starboard.

Then the Pitch will be the up down rolling motion of the bow and port. The Roll is the tilting motion of the port and starboard. The Yaw doesn't generate an acceleration reading in the sensortag, so will be ignored.

Once a Pitch or Roll of 45, 90 or 180 degrees has been detected, the Node will expect a Pitch or Roll that resets the sensorTag back to the horisontal reset position. ie. After a Pitch of +45 a Pitch of -45 is expected. If something else is seen then that is seen as a new signal Pitch or Roll.

Consequently the following will be detected. A +ve Pitch is the bow rising and a +ve Roll is the port rising

Pitch Roll Detected
-90 0
-45 -45
-45 0
-45 45
0 -90
0 -45
0 45
0 90
0 180
45 -45
45 0
45 45
90 0


Select one of the actions as a start / stop toggle. Define the others as set utterances that can are added together to construct a phrase. The node only sends the phase on msg.payload when the stop toggle is detected.

Example usage flow

[{"id":"bc7e4c51.38dbd","type":"ibmiot in","z":"2a1981fa.9a2dee","authentication":"apiKey","apiKey":"","inputType":"evt","deviceId":"xyz","applicationId":"","deviceType":"+","eventType":"+","commandType":"","format":"json","name":"IBM IoT","service":"registered","allDevices":false,"allApplications":"","allDeviceTypes":true,"allEvents":true,"allCommands":"","allFormats":"","qos":0,"x":231,"y":672,"wires":[["c77dc62.0f5ab38"]]},{"id":"c77dc62.0f5ab38","type":"sensor-rotation-to-phrase","z":"2a1981fa.9a2dee","name":"","sensitivity":"0.5","start-toggle":"200","pm90-r0":"to blue","pm45-rm45":"to green","pm45-r0":"to red","pm45-rp45":"to yellow","p0-rm90":"the lamp","p0-rm45":"the lighting","p0-rp45":"in my office ","p0-rp90":"on my desk","p0-rp180":"nine","pp45-rm45":"off","pp45-r0":"please turn","pp45-rp45":"twelve","pp90-r0":"I would like you to switch","x":432.5,"y":583,"wires":[["cd2b73a5.8c7c6","d665f2b1.02683"]]},{"id":"d665f2b1.02683","type":"debug","z":"2a1981fa.9a2dee","name":"","active":true,"console":"false","complete":"false","x":596.5,"y":647,"wires":[]},{"id":"367d4406.5542ac","type":"ibmiot","z":"","name":"SC-PI","keepalive":"60","domain":"","cleansession":true,"appId":"SCTest","shared":true}]


For simple typos and fixes please just raise an issue pointing out our mistakes. If you need to raise a pull request please read our contribution guidelines before doing so.

Copyright 2017 IBM Corp. under the Apache 2.0 license.

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