node-red-contrib-sendurl 1.0.4

node-red node for sending XML response to a Unify OpenScape CP phone

npm install node-red-contrib-sendurl

Provides a node for sending XML responses to a Unify OpenScape CP phone SendURL request


The SendURL FPK of the Unify OpenScape CP phone can be used to send a predefined HTTP/HTTPS GET or POST request in order to trigger a flow in your node-red installation. This node-red node can be used to pass information back to CP phone (or the user pressing the FPK on the phone).

  • The LED state can be on, off or blink
  • The LED colour can be green, yellow or red
  • The label of the CP600 FPK can be overwritten
  • The CP phone can be waken up from energy saving or screensaver mode


npm install node-red-contrib-sendurl


Define the following items for your response either from the node or via the msg object

  • msg.state will set the LED state to "ON", "OFF" or "FLASH"
  • msg.colour will set the LED to one of "GREEN", "YELLOW" or "RED"
  • should contain the symbolic name of the configured FPK
  • msg.wake will wake up the device from screensaver mode or energy saving mode when set to "TRUE"
  • msg.label will overwrite the current FPK label on a CP600 model

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