node-red-contrib-sendgrid 0.0.5

Sending e-mail node using SendGrid service

npm install node-red-contrib-sendgrid

Sending e-mail node using SendGrid service

Default e-mail node sometimes encounters login problem occurred from unusual behavior. For example, Gmail authentication will show an alert when Node-RED runtime is located in the different location from user's local PC or smart phone. SendGrid node is able to solve the problem because SendGrid service ensures sending e-mail.

How to use

(1) Install SendGrid node (node-red-contrib-sendgrid) using manage palette in Node-RED

(2) Get API key from SendGrid website ( )

(3) Paste the API key on property of SendGrid node property

(4) Create flows using SendGrid node flow

SendGrid node specification

Sends the msg.payload as an email, with a subject of msg.topic. The default message recipient can be configured in the node, if it is left blank it should be set using the property of the incoming message. you can also specify and/or msg.bcc properties. You can set sender of msg.from in the payload.

Node Info

Version: 0.0.5
Updated 10 months, 2 weeks ago
License: Apache-2.0


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