node-red-contrib-scrape-it 1.0.6

Scrape-it node

npm install node-red-contrib-scrape-it

A Node-RED node that implements scrape-it functionality.


Use the Manage Palette option in the Node-RED Editor menu.


A node to scrape html of msg.payload to a JSON. The transformation is defined by mapping property. This property is an object containing the scraping information. If you want to scrape a list, you have to use the listItem selector:

  • listItem (String): The list item selector.
  • data (Object): The fields to include in the list objects:
    • <fieldName> (Object|String): The selector or an object containing:
      • selector (String): The selector.
      • convert (Function): An optional function to change the value.
      • how (Function|String): A function or function name to access the value.
      • attr (String): If provided, the value will be taken based on the attribute name.
      • trim (Boolean): If false, the value will not be trimmed (default: true).
      • closest (String): If provided, returns the first ancestor of the given element.
      • eq (Number): If provided, it will select the nth element.
      • texteq (Number): If provided, it will select the nth direct text child. Deep text child selection is not possible yet. Overwrites the how key.
      • listItem (Object): An object, keeping the recursive schema of the listItem object. This can be used to create nested lists.

For the format of the selector, please refer to the Selectors section of the Cheerio library


Scott Evans

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MIT © Borja Jimeno

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