node-red-contrib-samsung-tv-control 1.4.0

Node-Red plugin for samsung tv control

npm install node-red-contrib-samsung-tv-control

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The plugin for Node-RED for control your samsung TV!

Now it should work on models produced after 2017. I tested it on my UE43NU7400 TV.

For TVs produced in 2016, you should set "TV 2016 (8001 port)" model in config


Find the plugin in Manage palette -> Install -> node-red-contrib-samsung-tv-control


Run command on Node-RED installation directory npm install node-red-contrib-samsung-tv-control


  • Drag and drop any node


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  • Your TV may show a dialog, requesting permission for remote control. If you confirm this dialog, the TV will send an access token back to NodeRed, and it will be displayed in the debug window. Copy & Paste your token from the debug window into the Samsung TV configuration node.



  • Supporting previous version of Samsung TVs
  • Polishing by guildlines from NodeRED for the node

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