node-red-contrib-rmplugin 0.0.5

A collection of nodes for RMPlugin Android app

npm install node-red-contrib-rmplugin

This is a collection of NodeRed nodes for adding RMPlugin capability to your NodeRED flow.

Developed by the super cool forks at Originally US - a mobile app development company from Singapore


Install directly from your NodeRED's Setting Pallete


Change your working directory to your node red installation. Usually it's in ~/.node-red.

$ npm install node-red-contrib-rmplugin

How to use

  • You'll first need to enable HTTP Bridge in your RMPlugin app
  • In NodeRED, add a new config node for RMPlugin that points to your Android device running RMPlugin (this is needed only once)
  • Start using the nodes provided in RMPlugin collection


Is this free forever?

Yes. We won't charge you anything. If you wants to help us out, buy us some coffee or RedBull.

I have some suggestions, how do I get in touch?

Please drop us an email, or create an issue in our Github

Node Info

Version: 0.0.5
Updated 4 years ago
License: ISC
Rating: not yet rated


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  • rm-plugin-config
  • Get Code List
  • Get Device List
  • Get Macro List
  • Execute Macro
  • Execute Command
  • Macro
  • Command
  • SP Devices
  • A1 Devices
  • RM Temperature Devices
  • Learn New Code


  • node-red
  • rmplugin
  • RM Plugin
  • broadlink