node-red-contrib-ring-central 0.0.4

A Node-RED module that can be used to interact with Ring Central's APIs.

npm install node-red-contrib-ring-central

What is it?

A module to bring SMS/MMS capabilities into your Node-RED flows!

With the Ring Central APIs you can send and receive SMS/MMS messages (plus much more) and this module adds this funcionality into your Node-RED flows.

Let's say you are monitoring an API or sensor and you would like to publish an SMS message to your mobile phone every time a certain value is retrieved. Simple - just add an sms send node!

Or, maybe you want your flow to take a certain action when you send a specific message to your Ring Central number? Easy - add an sms receive node and parse the response! The response object for each message also includes an array of attachments for MMS. So how do you view an attachment? Also easy - just get a signed url for the attachment URL from the sign url node and view it in your browser (or use it with http in, template and http response nodes).

Getting Started

You'll need a Ring Central account (the free dev account is good enough), so sign up and then create a new SMS app to get the username, password, server, extension, client id, client secret that you'll need in your flows.


Is coming soon... stay tuned!


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