node-red-contrib-repeat 0.0.27

Limit the number of times a message is allowed to pass through the node before it is discarded

npm install node-red-contrib-repeat


Allow a message to pass through this node for an specific number of times, after which it will be discarded. This unveils the ability to limit the loops over a flow to N times.

Optionally a second output can be enabled to grasp the message once the repetitions are exhausted.

Note: See info panel in NodeRED for up-to-date usage details.



rpm install -g node-red-contrib-repeat

Notes on the design

This node is designed in a stateless fashion; no state is stored in the node's context, and instead each message stores its state for the current repeat node (in the _loopController property). This has some drawbacks, like the fact that currently it does not support more than 1 repeat node operating upon a msg simultaneously. However, the drawbacks of this approach are outweighed by the advantatges and safety of not having to manage a node-centralized state.

Node Info

Version: 0.0.27
Updated 2 years, 5 months ago
License: MIT


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