node-red-contrib-reddit 0.0.12

node-red nodes for interacting with reddit

npm install node-red-contrib-reddit

Node-RED nodes for reddit (node-reddit)

A set of node-red nodes for interacting with reddit.

Combine with other nodes to make reddit bots, scrapers and other cool stuff.


  npm install node-red-contrib-reddit

Log in with your reddit credentials and the details of a reddit script type app which is associated with your account.

login node

login node edit dialog

Creating a script type app on reddit

To get the log in credentials, you have to make an app for the account you want to control.

Step 1

Go to your apps page and create a new app with this button:

make app a

Step 2

Set up your app and check the 'script' radio button. The redirect URI is required but unused, so make it anything you want. Click create app.

make app b

Step 3

Fill in the details in the node edit dialog.

'client ID' is the string below 'personal use script'.

make app c

If all of the details are correct, on recieving a message, the node will log in and send the original msg object it recieved.

Nodes which require authentication, such as the post to sub node, can now be used.

Note: The details in this example are not valid.

For examples and ideas see

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Version: 0.0.12
Updated 5 years, 2 months ago
License: Apache-2.0
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