node-red-contrib-readability 5.0.2

A Node-RED readability node

npm install node-red-contrib-readability

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A Node-RED readability node

A node that runs readability-js on the input payload.


Install node-red-contrib-readability using npm:

npm install --save node-red-contrib-readability


To use the node, launch Node-RED (see running Node-RED for help getting started).

The input payload should be the HTML to run readability on.

The output payload will have the following properties (if an article was found in the HTML):

  • title - the article title
  • content - the article content HTML
  • text - the article content text
  • excerpt - the article description from any description, og:description or twitter:description <meta>
  • length - length of article, in characters
  • icons - array of any icons specified as <link rel=...> icon tags
  • meta - a nested object of meta data, e.g. <meta property="og:type" content="article"> gives meta = {og: {type: 'article'}}

All other properties on the msg object will be preserved.

Icon credit

The node icon is the readability icon from Material Design Icons by Austin Andrews @Templarian.


MIT © Joakim Carlstein

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