node-red-contrib-proxmox 0.0.2

A Proxmox node for node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-proxmox

Node-RED Proxmox

This is a Node-RED module to allow easy access to the Proxmox API. This node requires that you have access to a running instance of Proxmox and have an account with permissions to access the API.


This module exposes two nodes: a Proxmox Server configuration node, and a generic Proxmox API node. The Proxmox Server configuration allows for configuration of Proxmox servers. The Proxmox API node performs the action of calling the Proxmox API and returning the result.

Proxmox API Node

Upon a trigger, this node will call the API path indicated. The results of the call will be set as the value of msg.payload The folowing values can be set on the msg object and they will overwrite any manually entered settings:

  • msg.path: The API path to query. List of available paths is available at the API documentation link below.
  • msg.method: A method from the following list: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. PUT and POST require additional information to be passed in the payload.
  • msg.payload: Body of the message to be sent on POST & PUT requests. See API docs for proper values.

See the Proxmox API Documentation for further details.

Tested with Proxmox version 4.4

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