node-red-contrib-presence-faker 1.8.5

Let your home appear occupied by switching devices (e.g. lights) on and off at random (configurable) times.

npm install node-red-contrib-presence-faker

Node-RED node that can pretend that your home is occupied by switching devices (e.g. lights) on and off at random (configurable) times.

You can configure a time window during which the node should eject random ON / OFF messages (e.g. 07:00 - 14:30), the duration of ON times (min / max) as well as how many ON times (min / max) should be randomly scheduled.

Example Flow


Properties Configuration

Properties can be configured statically using the editor or dynamically by injecting a message with a config object.

Static Configuration


Dynamic Configuration

You can overwrite the static configuration at runtime by passing a config object as msg.payload to the presence-faker node. All attributes are optional. minDuration and maxDuration are expressed in seconds.

    "windowBegin": "00:00",
    "windowEnd": "23:59:59",
    "minDuration": 60,
    "maxDuration": 600,
    "minCount": 10,
    "maxCount": 25

If the presence-faker node is currently enabled, this will instantly create a new schedule with the new configuration being applied. Otherwise the changes will take effect as soon as the presence-faker node gets enabled.

Combining presence-faker with suncron

You can combine the presence-faker node with the suncron node in order to dynamically set windowBegin and/or windowEnd based on the position of the sun:


Contributions and Suggestions

... are always welcome! Just file a GitHub issue or pull request!

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