node-red-contrib-predix-ts 1.0.7

Node-RED nodes for reading and writing to GE's Predix Timeseries

npm install node-red-contrib-predix-ts

These are Node-RED nodes that interface with the Timeseries microservices on General Electric's Predix platform specifically for the functions of data ingestion and data query. The nodes simplify the process of data ingestion and data query without requiring users to develop an actual application on the Predix platform. For more information on Predix, please refer to Predix resource.


To run these nodes, you need to have a running Predix Timeseries service and UAA service on the GE's Predix platform. Please refer to the Predix Developer Network documentation for details on creating these services.

TL;DR: You'll need to set up a Predix Timeseries instance, and a UAA client with grant type client_credentials and timeseries.zones.<your timeseries zone id>.ingest, timeseries.zones.<your timeseries zone id>.query and timeseries.zones.<your timeseries zone id>.user scopes. Once you have that, you'll need to enter values in your config node for:

  • The timeseries URL for queries (this will be https://something-or-other)
  • The timeseries URL for ingest (this will be wss://something-or-other)
  • The UAA url
  • The UAA client ID
  • The UAA client secret
  • Your timeseries zone ID


Run the follwing command in the root directory of your Node-RED install. Usually this is ~/.node-red .

npm install node-red-contrib-predix-ts


This was forked from the node-red-contrib-predix-timeseries node, and modified to use the predix-uaa-client for token management.

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Version: 1.0.7
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