node-red-contrib-pjlink 1.0.4

A PJLink node for Node-RED

npm install node-red-contrib-pjlink

A PJLink node for Node-RED


npm install node-red-contrib-pjlink


You can send the following commands as a text string in msg.payload

  • on
  • off
  • muteon
  • muteoff
  • getmute
  • getname
  • getmanufacturer
  • getmodel
  • getlamps
  • getinputs
  • getinput
  • getinfo
  • getpowerstate
  • getclass
  • geterrors

You can also set the inputs by sending this object as msg.payload

{"source": 3, "channel": 3}

PJLink specfic errors will be sent to the second output. You can connect to multiple projectors with the same object by specifying, msg.port and msg.password In this mode the status will not be shown.

See this flow for an example of all the commands.

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