node-red-contrib-pimatic 1.0.2

Node-red node types for Pimatic

npm install node-red-contrib-pimatic

Node-Red Node Types for Pimatic connectivity.


Available nodes types are:

  • Device Action calls a pimatic device action. Optionally, a parameter name and value can be provided to be passed along with the invocation.
  • Get Variable gets the value of the specified pimatic variable and sends it to the output channel when the value has changed or when some input has been received.
  • Set Variable sets the received msg.payload or a given value as the new value for the configured pimatic variable.
  • Controller is a supporting node type not shown in the palette. It manages the web socket connection to a pimatic server. As part of the configuration for instances of the aforementioned node types it is possible to select or create an controller. Thus, it is possible to interact with multiple pimatic servers within a flow.


See Release History.


This project has been inspired by Jos Hendriks' work on pimatic-node-red, a pimatic plugin to provide an embedded node-red instance as part of pimatic.

The pimatic.png icon has been created based on the content of the pimatic artworks project published under Creative Commons license.


Copyright (c) 2017, Marcus Wittig and contributors. All rights reserved.

License: Apache-2.0.

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