node-red-contrib-pid-autotune 1.3.0

A node-red node to performe PID autotune on a brew rig

npm install node-red-contrib-pid-autotune

A node-red node to performe PID autotune on a brew rig

node-red-contrib-pid-autotune CI

Getting started


To install the current live version, please use Node-RED's Palette Manager or issue following commands:

$ cd ~/.node-red  
$ npm install node-red-contrib-pid-autotune

pid-autotune node


  1. On input, starts a new autotune process if not started. You can also, continuesly, set current temp with a specific topic. Send 'stop' in cmd property to stop current auto tune process.


There are three outputs explained in order top to botton.

  1. Triggered when an autocomplete process is completed with state. msg.payload contains an object with the calculated kp, ki and kd values.
  2. The element output from 0-100% where 0 is off and 100 is full on. Connect to your actor.
  3. Ouputs logs from the autotune process.


Setting Description
Name What ever you name the node
Output step % Sets the output when stepping up/down. Default 100
Max. output % Sets the max power output. Default 100
Lookback sec. How far back to look for min/max temps. Default 30
Set point The set point temp to do autotune against. Typical mash temp . Default 65
Temp. From where to read current temp from. msg, flow or global variable.
Temp. topic If msg is selected for temp. Specify a topic from where current temp is from.

kettle-sim node

A node to simulate a kettle in a brew rig


  1. Set msg.payload to a value between 0 and 100 to set heater power percentage (0-100).


  1. msg.payload contains the calculated temperature of the kettle. Also msg.power is the input value heater percentage.


Setting Description
Name What ever you name the node
Diameter (cm) The kettle diamter in centimeters. Default 35 cm
Volume (L) The kettle volume in litres. Default 40 L
Initial temp (C) The initial temp of the kettle content in Celcius. Default 20 C
Heater power (kW) The default heter power in kilowatts. Default 2.5 kW
Kettle ambient temp (C) The ambient room temperature, in Celcius, where the kettle is located. Default 20 C


  1. Fork this repo
  2. Write a red unit test for your change
  3. Implement the code and make the test green
  4. Refactor your code to make it nice
  5. Make a pull request

I will probably approve it ;)


Special thanks to for the inspiration for this plugin!

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Updated 2 years ago
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