node-red-contrib-pdfmake 1.1.0

a node to create pdf documents from a well defined json

npm install node-red-contrib-pdfmake

This node is a simple wrapper around pdfmake, a JSON based solution to create PDFs from a given document definition.

pdfmake website


node-red-contrib-pdfmake can be install using the node-red editor's pallete or by running npm in the console:

npm install node-red-contrib-pdfmake


There is just one node, and it expects an object in msg.payload with a valid docDefinition like:

    "content": [
        "First paragraph",
        "Another paragraph, this time a little bit longer to make sure, this line will be divided into at least two lines"

The node returns a msg.payload holding the created PDF either as a Buffer or a base64 encoded string (as configured in the node).


Examples are provided using the default node-red way, i.e. use import in the editor menu and look for examples in the node-red-contrib-pdfmake package

#1 simple text PDF

This is the first example found on the pdfmake website.

#2 image & svg example PDF

This is a custom example showing how to read an image from file and integrate it into the PDF. It also shows a simple SVG to be included as well.

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