node-red-contrib-osc 1.1.0

Open Sound Control (OSC) support for Node-RED

npm install node-red-contrib-osc

The node-red-contrib-osc module adds support to Node-RED for decoding and encoding OSC (Open Sound Control) messages.

This then makes it easy to bridge between other protocols, for example HTTP or MQTT.



Version 1.0 breaks backwards compatibility. The node was updated to be transport agnostic and now requires the use of the different input and output objects provided by Node-RED. To see some examples, go to the Node-RED menu under import and you should see different example flows for the new node.

In the newer version there is a single node as opposed to 2 different ones. The node will automatically detect the input type (buffer or object) and will convert it appropriately.


Change to your node-red installation directory and then run:

npm install node-red-contrib-osc

You will then be able to see the new OSC node type added to Node-RED's pallet on the left.

If you need SLIP encapsulation (when using OSC over a Serial Port or TCP), then there please also install the SLIP node:

npm install node-red-contrib-slip

And then add a SLIP decoder in front of the OSC node or a SLIP encoder after the OSC node.

Copyright 2014-2016 Nicholas Humfrey and Nathanaël Lécaudé under the Apache 2.0 license.

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