node-red-contrib-oracledb 0.5.1

Node-RED oracle database nodes

npm install node-red-contrib-oracledb

node-red-contrib-oracledb is a Node-RED package that connects directly to an Oracle database server. It currently contains a query and a configuration node to connect to Oracle databases for Node-RED storage.

It uses the oracledb library for the Oracle database connectivity.

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If you have installed Node-RED as a global node.js package (you use the command node-red anywhere to start it), you need to install node-red-contrib-oracledb as a global package as well:

$[sudo] npm install -g node-red-contrib-oracledb

If you have installed the .zip or cloned your own copy of Node-RED from github, you can install it as a normal npm package inside the Node-RED project directory:

<path/to/node-red>$ npm install node-red-contrib-oracledb


This is a Node-Red Oracle database input/output node. The function it provides depends on the query that is sent to the oracle database. An INSERT query stores data in the database and a SELECT query can send data to another node.

Known issues

  • none

What's new

version 0.4.1

  • bugfixes
  • added some tests

version 0.4.0

  • added automatic reconnect to oracle server

version 0.3.0

  • added input node functionality for single results and result sets

version 0.2.0

  • major refactor, made preparations for better testable code:
    • javascript source code has been translated to typescript
    • gulp build system added
    • if NODE_RED_ROOT environment variable exists, copy build result into its node-red-contrib-oracledb module for quick testing

version 0.1.0

  • initial release


The roadmap section describes things that I want to add or change in the (hopefully near) future.


  • Improve documentation
  • Make testable
  • Add localization


  • Make it an input and output node:
    • Add support to return SELECT query results

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Version: 0.5.1
Updated 1 month ago
License: MIT


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