node-red-contrib-netatmo-thermostat 0.1.4

A node-red to interact with Netatmo thermostat

npm install node-red-contrib-netatmo-thermostat

A Netatmo thermostat node for Node-Red

This project is more than inspired by the one from @ssadams11: ssadams11/node-red-contrib-netatmo. Thank a lot for the initial help ! :)


The installation is classical, using npm:

npm i node-red-contrib-netatmo-thermostat

Restart then you node-red server and .... voilà !

Installed nodes

Get thermostats data

Once you provided the appropriate credentials, this node will send you back in the payload your thermostats data, as described in the Netatmo documentation:

Result sample

    "devices": [{
        "_id": "70:ee:xx:xx:xx:xx",
        "firmware": 68,
        "last_bilan": {
            "y": 2016,"m": 12
        "last_setup": 1444471631,
        "last_status_store": 1485114592,
        "modules": [{
            "_id": "04:ee:yy:yy:yy:yy",
            "module_name": "Thermostat",
            "type": "NATherm1",
            "firmware": 40,
            "last_message": 1485114593,
            "rf_status": 72,
            "battery_vp": 3996,
            "therm_orientation": 3,
            "therm_relay_cmd": 0,
            "battery_percent": 66,
            "event_history": {
                "boiler_not_responding_events": [ { "K": 1475752896 }, { "K": 1475752896 }, { "K": 1475752896 }, { "K": 1475752896 }, { "K": 1476870486 }],
                "boiler_responding_events": [{ "K": 1456920842 }, { "K": 1457217077 }, { "K": 1475661682 }, { "K": 1476009738 }]
            "last_therm_seen": 1485114593,
            "setpoint": { "setpoint_mode": "program" },
            "therm_program_list": [{
                "zones": [ { "type": 0, "name": "Comfort", "temp": 20, "id": 0 }, { "type": 1, "name": "Night",    "temp": 16, "id": 1 }],
                "timetable": [ { "id": 1, "m_offset": 0 }, { "id": 6, "m_offset": 435 }],
                "program_id": "5618e4434bda1d8c5d8b4602",
                "name": "Default",
                "selected": true
            "measured": { "time": 1485114593, "temperature": 18.3, "setpoint_temp": 18     }
        "place": {
            "altitude": 463,
            "city": "Paris",
            "country": "FR",
            "improveLocProposed": true,
            "location": [2.83584, 48.65109],
            "timezone": "Europe/Paris",
            "trust_location": true
        "plug_connected_boiler": true,
        "station_name": "My Home",
        "type": "NAPlug",
        "udp_conn": true,
        "wifi_status": 60,
        "last_plug_seen": 1485114592

Set thermpoint

Summary: this node let you control your thermostat and set it up.

All the documentation can be found on Netatmo API reference page:

The following parameters can be sent using the payload or sometimes in the node configuration pane (read the parameter section to know).

If a parameter is set in the node configuration pane and in the payload the considered value will be the payload.

device_id parameter


payload only

This parameter is required and needs to be set using payload.device_id.

This is the MAC address of your relay.

Be careful, this is the thermostat relay, not the weather station one. If you mix them, it won't work.

You can find it by opening the Netatmo web page dedicated to your thermostat ("Energy" : ) and clicking the GEAR (top right): in the parameter list, you'll see the MAC address, starting with "70:ee:".

module_id parameter


payload only

This parameter is required and needs to be set using payload.module_id.

If, like myself, you have only one relay and one thermostat, you will find the module_id thanks to the Get thermostats data node and a debug node with JSON selector msg.payload.devices[0].modules[0].

setpoint_mode parameter


payload or node configuration pane

Define the mode for your thermostat: setpoint_mode

  1. program: indicates to the termostat to follow the already-defined-program
  2. away: put your thermostat in AWAY mode (for me, around 12°C)
  3. hg: lower than away, HG means "hors-gel" in french (ie Frost-guard). It is around 8°C
  4. off: switch off the thermostat
  5. max: set the maximum possible temperature (for a sauna)
  6. manual: enter into manual mode. In that case, the payload.setpoint_temp parameter will hold the desired temperature.

setpoint_temp parameter

Required when setpoint_mode is manual

payload or node configuration pane

This is the temperature you want to set up. This parameter is required if you ask for a manual mode. If not sent (payload or node configuration pane) an error is raised.

setpoint_endtime parameter

Considered only when setpoint_mode is manual or max

payload or node configuration pane

This parameter is optional but makes sense only when used with mode manual or max.

It will set the time your setup will be considered.

If not set, the applied value will the one you defined at your Netatmo account level.

Sample payload

Sample 1: set the program mode

var options = {
    'device_id' : '70:ee:nn:nn:nn:nn',
    'module_id' : '04:00:nn:nn:nn:nn',
    'setpoint_mode' : 'program',
msg.payload = options;
return msg;

Sample 2: set the manual mode, 25°C during 1 hour

var options = {
    'device_id' : '70:ee:nn:nn:nn:nn',
    'module_id' : '04:00:nn:nn:nn:nn',
    'setpoint_mode' : 'manual',
    'setpoint_temp' : 25,
    'setpoint_endtime' : 60,
msg.payload = options;
return msg;

Sample 3: set the away mode

var options = {
    'device_id' : '70:ee:nn:nn:nn:nn',
    'module_id' : '04:00:nn:nn:nn:nn',
    'setpoint_mode' : 'away',
    'setpoint_temp' : 25,
    'setpoint_endtime' : 60,
msg.payload = options;
return msg;

Note: setpoint_temp and setpoint_endtime will be ignored in that case.

Node Info

Version: 0.1.4
Updated 1 year, 5 months ago
License: MIT


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