node-red-contrib-mysensors 0.8.2

Mysensors related nodes, for decoding / encoding mysensors serial protocol, and wrapping arbitrary messages into mysensors compatible messages

npm install node-red-contrib-mysensors

A node-RED mysensors protocol decoder / encoder / wrapper package. Contains a node to decode / encode mysensors serial protocol to / from node-red messages, and a node for adding mysensors specific data like sensor type, nodeid etc. which can then be sent to mysensors network


Within your local installation of Node-RED run:

npm install node-red-contrib-mysensors

Once installed, you will have two new nodes available : mysdecenc, and mysencap.

Node-RED mysdecenc

This decodes the mysensors serial protocol packages, and enriches the Node-RED msg object with the following extra data:

msg.payload // Payload data from sensor network
msg.nodeId // node of the origin

see mysensors API for more info on the different parts

The following nodes will be able to use these properties to interact with the messages from the mysensors network

If you feed the mysdecenc node with a msg object, that contains the above properties, it will output a message conforming to the mysensors serial API protocol, as described at mysensors website

Node-RED mysencap

This will add the message properties mention under mysdecenc to the message object of an existing Node-RED message. By sending the output through mysdecenc, you can create a message that can be sent to the sensor network.

Node-RED mysdebug

This will decode the mysensors serial protocol payload, and enrich it with descriptions of sensor types etc. Meant as a debugging tool. Data will be sent out of the node, and can be used in a debug node, or dumped to disk, for file logging

Node Info

Version: 0.8.2
Updated 1 year, 3 months ago
License: GPL-2.0


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  • mysdecenc
  • mysencap
  • mysdebug


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  • mysensors
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  • encode
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  • encapsulate
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