node-red-contrib-mpd 1.3.0

A node-red node to control a mpd server and receive status updates from the server like the current played song

npm install node-red-contrib-mpd

Two node-red nodes for controlling/querying one or multiple Music Player Daemon (MPD) servers. If you don't know what mpd or node-red is, have a look at: mpd, node-red.


See change log.

  • Since version 1.1.1 the reconnection issue is fixed!!!


Run npm install node-red-contrib-mpd in your node-red user folder (usually $HOME/.node-red). Have a look at adding nodes for more details about installing nodes.


Provides two nodes, one for controlling and one for querying:

  • MPD input node: everytime the status of the mpd server changes, this node constructs a message, which payload contains two objects. One serves the information about the current played song, the other contains the status of the mpd-server like stop, play etc.
  • MPD input node: enables you to send any command to the mpd server. See mpd command reference for details about possible commands. If the command returns something, it will be available in the payload as an array.


Just specify the ip and port of each your mpd-servers in config nodes. Only one connection per server is established, allowing to use many of the mpd nodes without performance issues.


  • [ ] examples


  • andrewrk git for the underlying mpd library.
  • Maxime Journaux git for the reconnection issue.

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Version: 1.3.0
Updated 2 years, 3 months ago
License: Apache-2.0
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