node-red-contrib-movehub 0.0.6

Node-RED Nodes to control the Lego Boost Move Hub

npm install node-red-contrib-movehub

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Node-RED Nodes to control LEGO Boost 🤖 🐱 🎸 🚚

These nodes connect via Bluetooth to LEGO Boost's Move Hub and can ...

  • control the motors
  • control the LED on the Move Hub
  • read the distance sensor values
  • read the color sensor values
  • read the tilt sensor values (pitch, roll)
  • read the motors rotation angle


Pull Requests welcome! :-)



Thanks to Jorge Pereira who analyzed and documented the move hub ble protocol:


LEGO and BOOST are Trademarks from The LEGO Company, which does not support (most probably doesn't even know about) this project. And of course I'm not responsible for any damage on your LEGO BOOST devices - use it at your own risk.


MIT (c) Sebastian Raff

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Version: 0.0.6
Updated 3 years, 5 months ago
License: MIT
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  • movehub-config
  • movehub-motor
  • movehub-motor-multi
  • movehub-led
  • movehub-distance
  • movehub-rotation
  • movehub-color
  • movehub-tilt


  • node-red
  • lego
  • boost
  • move
  • hub
  • robotics
  • ble
  • bluetooth