node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-enocean 2.2.0

Mobius Flow EnOcean nodes for Node-RED

npm install node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-enocean


Copyright 2016 Interior Automation under the BSD-3-Clause license.

Node-RED nodes providing EnOcean functionality with Interior Automation's MOBiUS Flow.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install:

npm install node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-enocean

This module requires node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-base to be installed.

Supported EEPs

  • F6-05-01
  • A5-02-01
  • A5-02-02
  • A5-02-03
  • A5-02-04
  • A5-02-05
  • A5-02-06
  • A5-02-07
  • A5-02-08
  • A5-02-09
  • A5-02-0A
  • A5-02-0B
  • A5-02-10
  • A5-02-11
  • A5-02-12
  • A5-02-13
  • A5-02-14
  • A5-02-15
  • A5-02-16
  • A5-02-17
  • A5-02-18
  • A5-02-19
  • A5-02-1A
  • A5-02-1B
  • A5-02-20
  • A5-02-30
  • A5-09-04
  • A5-10-03


EnOcean Service Config Node

This node provides connection to the underlying MOBiUS Flow

Raw Telegram Node

Subscribe to raw EnOcean telegram objects (MOBiUS Flow PID 000A).

Leak Detector Node

Subscribe to EnOcean leak detector objects (MOBiUS Flow PID 000E).

Temperature Node

Subscribe to EnOcean temperature sensor objects (MOBiUS Flow PID 000F - 0027).

Room Panel Node

Subscribe to EnOcean room panel objects (MOBiUS Flow PID 000C).

Node Info

Version: 2.2.0
Updated 3 days ago
License: BSD-3-Clause


4 in the last day
1295 in the last week
1802 in the last month


  • mobius enocean telegram
  • mobius enocean switch
  • mobius enocean a5-07-xx
  • mobius enocean f6-05-01
  • mobius enocean d5-00-01
  • mobius enocean a5-02-xx
  • mobius enocean a5-09-xx
  • mobius enocean a5-10-xx


  • node-red
  • mobius
  • mobius flow
  • enocean


  • chrismoorhouse