node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-bluemix 1.1.3

Node-RED nodes to connect MOBiUS and Bluemix

npm install node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-bluemix


Copyright 2016 Interior Automation under the BSD-3-Clause license.

Node-RED nodes to connect Interior Automation's MOBiUS Flow to Bluemix.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install:

npm install node-red-contrib-mobius-flow-bluemix

This module currently requires access to Interior Automation's private NPM repository. This will be made public in the future once MOBiUS Flow is ready for public release.


Bluemix Gateway Node

All other nodes use this shared connection to Bluemix. This node acts as a Bluemix gateway.

Mobius to Bluemix Node

Subscribe to change of value events for an object and publish the object to Bluemix as a device

Node Info

Version: 1.1.3
Updated 10 months, 2 weeks ago
License: BSD-3-Clause


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  • bluemix gateway connection
  • mobius bluemix publish


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