node-red-contrib-maxcube 0.0.4

A node-red node to control the eQ-3 Max! Cube

npm install node-red-contrib-maxcube

A collection of node-red nodes to control the eQ-3 Max! Cube


cd $HOME/.node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-maxcube

Restart Node-RED.


maxcube config node

Set ip and port of your Max! Cube

maxcube (input)

A node to query the eQ-3 Max! Cube for device states.

Whenever an input message is received, device states are updated from the Max! Cube, and sent as separate messages (one for each device) with following structure:

  "rf_address": "0abc12",
  "initialized": true,
  "fromCmd": false,
  "error": false,
  "valid": true,
  "mode": "MANUAL",
  "dst_active": true,
  "gateway_known": true,
  "panel_locked": false,
  "link_error": false,
  "battery_low": false,
  "valve": 0,
  "setpoint": 5,
  "temp": 15.4

maxcube (output)

A node to set the temperature of a device.

Accepts messages with payload of type object with following structure:

  "rf_address": "0abc12",
  "degrees": 20

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