node-red-contrib-luxtronik 1.0.4

Make node-red read data from a Luxtronik heatpump controller

npm install node-red-contrib-luxtronik

Node-Red ( node for communicating with a Luxtronik heatpump controller.


Run the following command after you have done a global install of Node-RED

sudo npm install -g node-red-contrib-luxtronik


The luxtronik node will appear in the "IoT" catagory on the Node-Red pallet. Drag and drop it onto the canvas and configure as you would any other node-red module.

The luxtronik node allows you to set the IP-Address and Port of you heatpump controller.

Warning: Do not expose the ethernet connection of your luxtronik to the internet. The Linux system is not being updated by Alpha-Innotec and the root account has a default password.


Use this node at your own risk.


Christian Brandlehner,

#More Info on Luxtronik

A more powerful tool and background info on the API can be found at

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