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Liberiot module for Node Red

npm install node-red-contrib-liberiot




LIBERIOT is a real alternative to all those expensive proprietary IoT wireless solutions. Unlike Sigfox or LoRa, LIBERIOT is based on very low-cost infrastructure and motes. LIBERIOT can also be scaled-up very easily due to the natural flexibility of the protocols and the simplicity of the gateways.


LIBERIOT relies on the open community for deploying the wireless infrastructure. This community provides the Internet connectivity and the very low-cost wireless gateways, making the network totally global, open and free for the community.


LIBERIOT gateways redirect low-power wireless traffic coming from the motes (sensors and actuators) to the MQTT broker-server running in the cloud. These gateways are based on popular low-cost hardware modules and act as simple transparent RF-MQTT forwarders. You can use our Android APP to configure it.


LIBERIOT compatible motes can be made from low-cost radios and microcontrollers. Most of our wireless devices are made and sold by panStamp, but they can also be made from a wide variety of wireless hardware platforms.


LIBERIOT's official wireless protocol is GWAP. Global Wireless Abstract Protocol is used between motes and gateways to transport sensor and actuator information. Wireless devices and gateways transmit at 433/868/902 MHz, allowing communication distances beyond one kilometer.


The key behind LIBERIOT is the server and our wireless motes and gateways. The server processes all the wireless packets coming from the gateways and converts them into readable MQTT/HTTP information, ready to be exploited by our community. LIBERIOT, the server, is developed and maintained by iNUBO.


LIBERIOT is open so everyone can make wireless devices compatible with our motes and redirect the wireless traffic to their own servers. LIBERIOT makes extensive use of open technologies like Arduino, Linux and open protocols such as MQTT and GWAP.


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