node-red-contrib-ldap-login 0.0.15

Node-RED node for Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP).

npm install node-red-contrib-ldap-login

node-red-contrib-ldap-login is a Node-RED node for Microsoft Active Directory. It is based on the ldapjs ldapjs client for auth (authentication) and authZ (authorization) for Microsoft Active Directory.

If you want to contribute in order to add brand new features and/or nodes, do not hesitate to join and submit your merge requests!

Getting started

  1. Install Node-RED (more):
sudo npm install -g node-red
  1. Go to your node-RED conf directory (basically ~/.node-red)
npm install node-red-contrib-ldap-login
  1. There you go! You can run Node-RED with:



Every node requires LDAP configuration/credentials to create an instance of the client configured according to the following options:

  • url {string}: Active Directory server to connect to, e.g. ldap://

  • [baseDN] {string}: Optional, The root DN from which all searches will be performed, e.g. dc=example,dc=com.

  • username {string}: An account name to check.

  • password {string}: Password for the given username.

image of node credentials


image of node finduser

Connects to a Microsoft Active Directory and returns the user corresponding to the username/DN set in msg.payload.


  • msg.payload {JSON Object}: the AD username and password of the user we want to get information. It also works with DN. payload.username - username in format payload.password - password for username
  • msg.ad_attributes {JSON Object}: the attributes we want to return for users and groups. By default:
  "user": [
      "dn", "distinguishedName",
      "userPrincipalName", "sAMAccountName", "mail",
      "lockoutTime", "whenCreated", "pwdLastSet", "userAccountControl",
      "employeeID", "sn", "givenName", "initials", "cn", "displayName",
      "comment", "description", "url"
  "group": [
      "dn", "cn", "description", "distinguishedName", "objectCategory"
  • msg.tlsOptions {JSON Object}: (Optional) Additional options passed to TLS connection layer when connecting via ldaps://. (See: TLS docs for node.js).


  • msg.payload {JSON Object}: the standard output of the command, a JSON object that contains all the information about the user.

Node Info

Version: 0.0.15
Updated 3 years, 10 months ago
License: MIT
Rating: 3.5 2




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