node-red-contrib-lazurite 0.0.23

R/W data of Lazurite-Gateway.

npm install node-red-contrib-lazurite


R/W data of Lazurite-Gateway.


Run the following command: npm install node-red-contrib-lazurite

##requirement: hardware: Raspberry Pi + Lazurite Pi Gateway Software: LazDriver (Kernel driver) liblazurite (linux .so) also node-red

install and setup

0. install required modules (if not installed)

git clone git:// cd LazuriteInstaller ./

1. install node-red-lazurite

Execute following command. npm install node-red-lazurite

then the node may be installed in "/home/pi/node_modules".

2. enabling node

edit "~/.node-red/setup.js" modify parameter of nodesDir to enable "/home/pi/node_modules"

if there is not "~/.node-red/setup.js", start node-red. Then the file will be created.

How to use

start and stop node-red

start node-red: select "node-red" in menu bar. or input "node-red-start" on console. stop node-red: input "node-red-stop" on console.

When node is installed successfully, the nodes named "lazurite rx" and "lazurite tx" are appeared. Please put the node and click it for detailes of parameters and usages.

Node Info

Version: 0.0.23
Updated 1 week ago
License: Apache-2.0


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32 in the last week
100 in the last month


  • lazurite-rx
  • lazurite-tx
  • lazurite-tx64
  • SetEnhanceACK
  • lazurite-channel
  • lazurite-node-config
  • lazurite-factory-params
  • lazurite-device-manager
  • lazurite-capacity
  • aws-iot-in
  • aws-iot-out
  • aws-iot-broker
  • lazurite-calcurator


  • node-red
  • aws-iot
  • Lazurite


  • naotakasaito