node-red-contrib-keeper 0.0.5

Node-RED nodes to save and retrieve document from Nunux Keeper

npm install node-red-contrib-keeper

Node-RED node to save and retrieve document from Nunux Keeper v2.

Please note that this node is not compatible with Nunux Keeper v1.



Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install

npm install node-red-node-keeper


Request node

Create, update, delete or retrieve a document from Nunux Keeper v2.

The document on Keeper is taken from the node docid property or the msg.docid property.

The document content is sent as msg.payload property. If the request fails msg.error will contain an error object.

To create a document The message payload should be as follow:

  • title: Document title
  • label: Label to classify the document (The label ID)
  • content: Document content
  • contentType: Document type
  • origin: Document origin URL

All attributes are optional. If only origin attribute is provided, then the document will be extracted from the endpoint.

Node Info

Version: 0.0.5
Updated 1 year, 5 months ago
License: Apache-2.0


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