node-red-contrib-iotflows 1.4.3

A collection of Node-RED nodes for IoTFlows.

npm install node-red-contrib-iotflows

A collection of Node-RED nodes to interact with IoTFlows to send and receive IoT messages, execute a function on the device, or publish alerts/notifications via IoTFlows Cloud.


All IoTFlows nodes are used with the IoTFlows Console. You can create a free account and start integration IoT to your Node-RED. For specific information about the IoTFlows console, go to the IoTFlows Documentation or visit IoTFlows Getting Started Examples..

Nodes Provided:

  • datastream out
  • datastream in
  • alert channel out
  • action start
  • action finish

Server Configuration

You can configure the Server settings of these nodes using the credentials of A Device Client created in the IoTFlows Console. To get started, you can create a project, create a device, and create a Device Client from the right side navigation.

Optional: if you are interested in remote accessing the Node-RED of your device, you may check out the IoTFlowsOS. Learn more at

datastream out

The datastream out node is used to publish data to IoTFlows Cloud. You will then be able to refresh the Topic and all your Data Streams for your Device will be displayed. The msg.payload sent to this node will be published to the cloud.

datastream in

The datastream in node is used to subscribe to the Data Streams and received the messages published by other devices in your Project.

alert channel out

The alert channel out node is used to publish an Alert to an IoTFlows Alert Channel. Members of the Alert Channel can receive these alerts with their preference of text message or email, or simply by visiting the IoTFlows Console.

action start

The action start node is used to define an Action that can be executed by another Device or web application. This can be used to to execute a function or to control an actuator connected to this device. These Actions can be executed using an HTTP POST call with Basic Access Authentication of the Device Client Credentials. Learn more at Execute Action from Cloud

action finish

Every action start needs to be finished with an action finish node to confirm that the action was properly executed. When an action is triggered with an HTTP request, this will result in a HTTP response code of 200.

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  • datastream in
  • datastream out
  • alert channel out
  • action start
  • action finish
  • mqtt-iotflows-broker


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