node-red-contrib-iota-mam 4.1.2

Updated on 18/04/2019

npm install node-red-contrib-iota-mam

Updated on 18/04/2019


Install node-red globally and install ui packages and the sensortag package

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

in your ~/.node-red installation directory type:

npm install node-red-dashboard node-red-contrib-sensortag node-red-contrib-simple-gate

IOTA-MAM module installation

Run the following command in your NODE-RED install

npm install node-red-contrib-iota-mam


Two different function nodes are now available for

MAM publish (=upload data to tangle) and MAM fetch (=download data from tangle)

Drag MAM function node into a flow and wire it accordingly

CONFIG - At first use the Node-red sample file included !!!

Find included in the root directory a flow sample file called flows_Air.json It provides you with an initial config for ROOT (mamFetch) and a devnet IOTA node.

Also you can switch to the newly added node-red dashboard to publish/fetch data and see a live visualization.

If you have any issues regarding this module, please test with this file and give a clear issue description. Thank you!

MAM fetch

Start deploying a single 'mamFetch function node'. Set its root property (root = "your MAM_ROOT")

wire this node's output to -> any output ( e.g. a chart displaying your msg.payload)


This should hold a non-encrypted (public) data packet sequence. (as of 18 april 2019)

MAM publish

Deploy a sensorTag as input data source. (Please report an issue if you encounter problems with other sensors. We are looking to support all general sensors in the near future)

wire its output to -> mamPublish node

and wire this node's output to an -> (optional) output for logging

The MAM publish now operates in a loop:

  1. collects input data from sensorTag (can be a mix of temperature, lux etc)
  2. and immediately uploads the 1st data packet to the tangle

loop: ... now waiting for the bundle and its transactions to be confirmed on the tangle, it aggregates all incoming sensor tag data into a data array ... upon MAM confirmation of the previous bundle, it sends this aggregated data array to the tangle ... now waiting again for bundle confirmation

Rate limits

on many public nodes you might have rate limits, so better use your own custom node, or make sure the node you connect to has the capacity to handle your sensor data traffic.

Node Info

Version: 4.1.2
Updated 3 years, 11 months ago
License: ISC
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