node-red-contrib-iota-mam 2.0.8

## Requirements

npm install node-red-contrib-iota-mam


Install node-red globally and install ui packages and the sensortag package

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

in your ~/.node-red installation directory type:

npm install node-red-dashboard node-red-contrib-sensortag

IOTA-MAM module installation

Run the following command in your NODE-RED install

npm install node-red-contrib-iota-mam


Two different function nodes are now available for

MAM publish (=upload data to tangle) and MAM fetch (=download data from tangle)

Drag MAM function node into a flow and wire it accordingly

MAM fetch

Start deploying a single 'mamFetch function node'. Set its root property (root = "your MAM_ROOT")

wire this node's output to -> any output ( e.g. a chart displaying your msg.payload)


This should hold a temperature sequence. (as of 30 may 2018)

MAM publish

Deploy a sensorTag as input data source.

wire its output to -> mamPublish node

and wire this node's output to an -> (optional) output for logging

The MAM publish gets input data from sensorTag, uploads this data and upon MAM confirmation is ready to take new data from your sensorTag device.


Currently the MAM publish function records the ambiant temperature of your sensorTag. This is very EASY to change and you can upload any sensor data required. Please checkout source code (mamPublish.js - see gitlab project link attached) to adapt both functions to your specific node-red sensor device.

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Version: 2.0.8
Updated 8 months ago
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