node-red-contrib-iot-in-gcp 0.1.1

Node-RED nodes for IoT in Google Cloud Platform

npm install node-red-contrib-iot-in-gcp


The creation of these nodes comes from the great possibilities Google Cloud Platform offers for IoT.

In the package nodes for IoT Core, Pub/Sub and BigQuery could be found, as well as some configuration ones in order to increase the usability of the previous commented ones.

The current nodes are:

  1. iotcore device: creates the connection to the device defined in GCP.
  2. bigquery retrieve: makes BigQueries queries in a GCP project.
  3. bigquery store: store information in a given BigQuery table.
  4. pubsub retrieve: subscribes to PubSub subscription and retrieves all the messages published there.

Configuration nodes:

  • iotcore broker: makes the MQTT connection to the device in IoT Core and allow the communication.
  • credentials: store the service account information allowing its reutization.


The package develop by Neil Kolban node-red-contrib-google-cloud, where many interesting nodes related with GCP could be found.

GCP APIs documentation, where the APIs are explained and many examples are provided for many programming languages.

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Version: 0.1.1
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