node-red-contrib-ignoble 0.0.11

ignoble is a noble node-red node allowing you to interact with your Bluetooth Low Energy devices

npm install node-red-contrib-ignoble

A Node-Red BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) central module.


Only tested on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a RedBear Nano 2 BLE


sudo npm install node-red-contrib-ignoble


Create a scanner node. This does not run by itself - hook up a trigger to it!

Connect a peripheral node to the scanner node and configure it to your liking, or don't.

Connect a service node to the peripheral node. This node just transforms data. You need it.

Connect a characteristic node to the service node. This node will let you fish out characteristic data.

After the characteric node has run, msg.payload will contain its data - this can be shunted to other nodes like MQTT, Twitter or a debug node.


An example flow of two temperature sensors being polled every 30 minutes and characteristics exposed over Homebridge/MQTT. A third SHT21 sensor will push its temperature (2a6e) when the characteristic changes.

alt text

An example flow of subscribing to a peripheral's ccc5 characteristic. Set the peripheral's timeout to 0 and turn on the characteristic's subscribe flag to maintain notifications forever or until the device is disconnected.

alt text

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Version: 0.0.11
Updated 2 days ago
License: ISC


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