node-red-contrib-hubitat 1.3.1

Node Red module for Hubitat API

npm install node-red-contrib-hubitat

This collection of nodes allow to facilitate the use of Hubitat's API


cd ~/.node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-hubitat

Quick Start

This package contains 10 nodes:

  • command: To send command to Hubitat
  • device: To keep a device state. It fetch the device state when deployed, then listen for webhook events.
  • hsm: To keep the Hubitat Safety Monitor status (Armed Home, Armed Away, Armed Night and Disarmed). It fetch the status when deployed, then listen for webhook events.
  • hsm-setter: To set the Hubitat Hubitat Safety Monitor status (Disarmed, Armed Away, Armed Home ...)
  • mode: To keep the Hubitat mode (Day, Night, ...) state. It fetch the mode when deployed, then listen for
  • mode-setter: To set the Hubitat mode (Day, Night, ...)
  • location: To receive global location events (ex: systemStart, sunrise, sunset)

  • event: A generic node to receive all events.

  • request: A generic node to request any Hubitat's endpoints.

  • config: To setup Hubitat connection information. It also listen on webhook from Hubitat to dispatch events to other nodes.


To run linters:

  • npm run-script linter

To run unit tests:

  • npm test

Node Info

Version: 1.3.1
Updated 5 days ago
License: MIT
Rating: 5.0 3


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527 in the last month


  • hubitat command
  • hubitat config
  • hubitat device
  • hubitat event
  • hubitat hsm
  • hubitat hsm-setter
  • hubitat location
  • hubitat mode
  • hubitat mode-setter
  • hubitat request


  • node-red
  • hubitat