node-red-contrib-homegear-mqtt 0.0.4

Interact with Homegear connected devices via mqtt

npm install node-red-contrib-homegear-mqtt

Monitor and control your devices connect to Homegear from Node-RED.

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node-red-contrib-homegear-mqtt interfaces with your Homegear server using MQTT and provides nodes for monitoring the published variables of your devices as well as changing their values and triggering actions.

Currently only the Homematic device family is supported but inclusion of MAX!, INSTEON an maybe even Hue is planned. However takes some time to write the required JSON device descriptions so please bear with me.

Sample Node-RED setup

Sample input config Sample output config


Per user:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-homegear-mqtt


sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perms node-red-contrib-homegear-mqtt


node-red-contrib-homegear-mqtt uses MQTT and Homegears JSON-RPC interface.

Both are available in Homegear version 0.6 or later. As of the date of this writing (December 2015) this requires the snapshot versions of Homegear.

Make sure to set enable = true inside Homegears /etc/homegear/mqtt.conf.


Things that are planned but not implemented (yet):


1. Fork the project
2. Create a feature branch
3. Code
4. Submit pull request to `master`

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