node-red-contrib-home-assistant-ws 0.0.1

Node Red integration with Home Assistant through websockets

npm install node-red-contrib-home-assistant-ws

This Node-RED plugin provides following nodes to communicate with an home assistant server through Home Assistant's WebSocket API.

Event node

Receives events from Home Assistant (Example: status changed, flic click)

Simple Event node

A simplified event node to receive state change events from Home Assistant.

State node

Gets the current state of an antity or multiple entities. (Example: Get status of, get statuses of switch.*)

Service node

Executes a Home Assistant service. (Examples: Turn on a switch, Set Nest thermostat temperature)

Node Info

Version: 0.0.1
Updated 3 years, 7 months ago
License: Apache
Rating: not yet rated


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  • simple-event
  • event
  • state
  • service
  • home-assistant-config


  • node-red
  • home assistant
  • iot
  • websockets