node-red-contrib-hass 0.0.2

Home-Assistant POST Node

npm install node-red-contrib-hass

Node-RED node to publish states directly to Home Assistant (


Publishes msg.payload via POST to Home Assistant using the RESTful API

The API method called is /api/states/<entity_id>

msg.payload must be a JSON object with at least a state attribute:

    "state": "custom_state",
    "attributes": {

If needed, also a unit_of_measurement attribute can be set.

More info on the API here.

EntityId must be set in the node or in msg.entityid


The configuration of the Home Assistant server must be specified in a configuration node, and can be shared between several nodes.

The configuration parameters are:

  • server (defaults to http://localhost)
  • port (defaults to 8123)
  • Long-Lived Access Token

Node Info

Version: 0.0.2
Updated 4 months ago
License: Apache
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  • hass-config
  • hass-post


  • node-red
  • hass
  • home-assistant