node-red-contrib-hangouts-chat 0.0.3

Node-RED node to connect to google hangouts chat

npm install node-red-contrib-hangouts-chat

A node for you to make a chat bot on Hangouts Chat with node red. Please note that Hangouts Chat is only available for paid G Suite customers.

This is a work in progress, please write issues to ask for changes


Use npm install node-red-contrib-hangouts-chat to install.


This package provides nodes to send and receive messages on Hangouts Chat via Node-RED.

The input node is used to receive messages from hangouts chat. You can use msg.roomId to filter incoming messages by conversation. The message contains the message in msg.payload, the conversation id in msg.roomId and the complete message event object in msg.event.

The output node is used to send messages to an existing conversation. You can use the conversation id on the properties or provide a valid conversation id in msg.roomId. The msg.payload will be send to the conversation.

You will need to create a project in Google cloud platform with Hangouts chat enabled. To do so, login to developer console. Create a new project, and enable Hangout Chat API. Under configuration, set:

  • status: live
  • bot name (this is how you will add and ping the bot)
  • avatar
  • description
  • functionality: rooms
  • connection settings – bot URL:
  • permission: everyone in your domain

You will need a google service account to use the send node.



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