node-red-contrib-hangouts 0.3.1

Node-RED node to connect to google hangouts

npm install node-red-contrib-hangouts

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Update 0.1.12

Another breaking change, sorry for this. Since the create conversation and filter by sender is not working properly it was removed from the node. Instead on input and output the conversation id is used. To get all valid conversation ids, the config node will output all available conversations including the participants on connect. Use one of these to filter incoming messages and filter outgoing messages.

I will check in the future, how to simplify this.

Google Hangouts for Node-RED

Easily integrate google hangout messages into your node-RED flow.


Use npm install node-red-contrib-hangouts to install.


This package provides nodes to send and receive messages on Google Hangouts via Node-RED. The configuration node lets you setup your Google account.

The input node is used to receive messages from the hangouts network. You can use the conversation id to filter incoming messages by conversation. If the field is empty, all messages are accepted. Make sure to use a valid conversation id. Since the node will also receive messages send from the account, you can suppress this messages over the checkbox. The message contains the message in msg.payload, the conversation id in msg.conversationId and the complete message event object in msg.event.

The output node is used to send messages to an existing conversation. You can use the conversation id on the properties or provide a valid conversation id in msg.conversationId. The msg.payload will be send to the contacts.


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  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
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