node-red-contrib-get-reddit 1.7.2

Get top/hot/new posts from the subreddits you specify

npm install node-red-contrib-get-reddit

Fetch posts from specific subreddits.

An easy way to get the top/hot posts from the subreddit you specify.

If you choose top as post type, then you can specify a time period of day, week, month, year and all. Default is day.

Outputs an array of posts. Each post object has the following fields:

    id: Unique Post ID,
    title: Post Title,
    selftext: Post Selftext,
    subreddit: Subreddit,
    domain: Post Domain,
    upvotes: Post Upvotes,
    author: Post Author,
    comments: Number of Comments,
    permalink: Post Link,
    type: Post Type,
    url: Post URL,
    score: Post Score

Node Info

Version: 1.7.2
Updated 11 months ago
License: ISC
Rating: 4.0 1


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