node-red-contrib-get-feeds 1.0.0

A Node-RED node to get all feeds from an HTML string

npm install node-red-contrib-get-feeds

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A Node-RED node to get all feeds from an HTML string

A node that extracts any <link rel="alternate" ...> that points to a RSS, Atom or ActivityStream feed from the input payload.


Install node-red-contrib-get-feeds using npm:

npm install --save node-red-contrib-get-feeds


To use the node, launch Node-RED (see running Node-RED for help getting started).

The input payload should be the HTML to get feeds from.

Any found feeds will be attached as the array feeds on the output message. If the option One feed/msg is checked there will be one message sent per feed, and the output message will contain a feed property instead of feeds.

If the input message contains a url property it will be used as the url option for get-feeds under the hood.


MIT © Joakim Carlstein

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Version: 1.0.0
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