node-red-contrib-gamedig 2.2.1

Query for the status of any game server using node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-gamedig

Query for server information of most game/voice servers using Node-RED.

This package adds the node "Query Game Server" that uses the NPM package GameDig to query if a server is online or not and if so returns the data of the server.

You can pass the server type, host, and port on the input message or define them on the node (settings defined on the node will override msg values).

You can also specify manual GameDig options using msg.options as an input. This will override any other options. For example: you can set msg.options.guildId that is required for querying Discord servers.

Visit the GameDig GitLab page if you want more information about what this library parses and standardizes from the server response.

Usage Examples

  • Inserting query data into InfluxDB and using Grafana to view results

    Flow Preview I created a post on my website about how to use this node to query gameservers and store the results in InfluxDB. I then give a dashboard in Grafana that can be used to display the data. Check it out here:

  • Automatically restarting servers when unavailable

    Ever host a server and have it stop responding but the process doesn't crash so it doesn't auto restart? If you pair this with something like node-red-contrib-dockerode you can automatically restart the container/process if the query fails X times to respond.

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So far me (skylord123) is the only person that has contributed towards this package. Feel free to do any pull-requests to get your name here!


This project is licensed under the MIT License. Check here for more information.

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