node-red-contrib-fritzapi 0.5.2

Home automation node for Fritz!Box, Fritz!DECT and FRITZ!Powerline devices.

npm install node-red-contrib-fritzapi

Control your smart home DECT devices through an AVM Fritz!Box with node-RED.

These nodes are a simple Node-RED wrapper for andig's ever-popular fritzapi, see there a for feature description.


The recommended way is to install directly from Node-RED under Manage palette.


Depending on your FRITZ!Box configuration, a user name may be needed. If your box is configured for password-only admin access, leave the user name blank and only provide the admin password. Make sure that smart home control is enabled on the FRITZ!Box.


The packages contains thermostat, switch, bulb, blind nodes under the advanced section in the palette.

Thermostats, switches and blinds expect an actuator identification number AIN as ain or topic on the input message.

If both ain and topic are provided, ain has precedence.

Nodes have an (optional) pre-set action. It can be overriden with the action attribute on input messages. See fritzapi for a list of supported action names.

Any payload is accepted for information retrieval.

  • For switch updates, send the desired boolean value (on or off).
  • For thermostat updates, send the target temperature or adjustment in degrees Celsius. on and off may also be used to switch thermostats on or off.
    • There are two special cases: setTempComfort (Set to day temperature) and setTempNight (Set to night temperature) do not expect a temperature as payload, because they set the target temperature to the day / night preset.
    • An example flow demonstrates usage of the thermostat node.
  • Bulbs can be set to a given brightness level, color or color temperature. See the node documenation for details.
  • Blinds be set to a desired level, or opened or closed. See the node documenation for details.

Adjustments are only made if the desired state differs from the actual state. All updates are logged.

All actions output the requested or updated value.


A popular pitfall seems to be that the Fritz!Box UI shows imcomplete AINs for various bulbs and blinds. If the device does not respond, try appending -1 to the AIN.

Still stuck?

Switches, bulbs and blinds were tested by contributors, as I do not own any. All feedback appreciated, but please check the relevant issues before opening new ones.


Kudos to andig for fritzapi. Also, substantial parts of the low-level interface were also written by andig for homebridge-fritz. Thanks for the wizardry!

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