node-red-contrib-flic-buttons-hci 0.1.5

A Node-RED node to inject events from flic buttons

npm install node-red-contrib-flic-buttons-hci


A Node-RED node to interact with the BLE buttons.

This node requires the fliclib-linux-hci daemon (installed on a Raspberry Pi or similar) to handle the low level communication with the buttons.

Buttons need to be paired before you can use this node at the moment. See fliclib-linux-hci for more info on this.

The node takes 2 config parameters

  • Host - this is the host running the daemon process, defaults to localhost
  • Port - the port for the daemon process, defaults to 5551

If Node-RED is installed on the same host there is no configuration.

The node emits a msg.payload that looks like this

{ "deviceId": "00:ee:dd:77:77:33", "clickType": "ButtonSingleClick", "wasQueued": false, "timeDiff": 0 }

msg.topic is set to flic/ with the deviceId of the button appended to the end

Node Info

Version: 0.1.5
Updated 1 year, 11 months ago
License: MIT


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