node-red-contrib-ffmpeg 0.1.1

A simple ffmpeg wrapper for streaming video in Node-RED

npm install node-red-contrib-ffmpeg

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A simple ffmpeg wrapper for streaming video from a DJI Tello Drone or a Raspberry Pi.


$ npm install node-red-contrib-ffmpeg

Note: This node requires that you have ffmpeg installed on your machine. Homebrew users brew install ffmpeg.

Configure your node

Open the node's configuration panel to set Device Type (Tello Drone or Raspberry Pi) and the stream url.

Note: In this example our stream will be accessible at ws://<host>:<port>/stream

Device specific instructions

There are a few minor hardware specific steps depending on your device.

Tello Drone

Before you can use your Tello Drone you MUST activate it in the official Tello Drone app. Once your drone is activated, you can connect to it's WiFi Network TELLO-XXXXXX and send it commands via UDP.

In the example flow, to start the video stream, click the command command followed by streamon command.

Raspberry Pi

Before you can stream with a Raspberry Pi, you will need to attach a camera and enable it.

To enable camera support, run the following command:

sudo raspi-config

Then use the arrow keys to choose Interfacing Options > Camera and select to enable the camera. Once the camera is enabled, reboot your Raspberry Pi.

Note: For most up-to-date instructions for Raspberry Pi Camera setup, check out the official documentation.

The Raspberry Pi will start streaming as soon as you start node red.


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