node-red-contrib-evrythng 0.1.1

Node-RED module to access the EVRYTHNG API.

npm install node-red-contrib-evrythng

A simple Node-RED node that performs read or write requests on a Property of a Thng with the EVRYTHNG IoT Platform (free developers accounts!).


To install the module, you can either install it locally within your node-RED user data directory (by default, $HOME/.node-red):

cd $HOME/.node-red
npm install npm install node-red-contrib-evrythng

or globally alongside Node-RED:

sudo npm install -g node-red-contrib-evrythng


You can send a payload to the node including Thng, key and value to update the Property of an existing Thng:

  "key" : "temperature",
  "value" : 10
  "thng" : "76a267a7e4c3a4cfcca9b9ac"

Alternatively, you can set the Thng, key and value in the node configuration The node sends a message to:<msg.payload.thng>/properties And the payload that is sent ends up in the format:

  "key" : <code>msg.payload.key</code>,
  "value" : <code>msg.payload.value</code>

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