node-red-contrib-epics 0.9.1

An EPICS node for node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-epics

This node allows basic communication with Process Variables (PVs) on an Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) network. It depends on the node-epics module written by Robbie Clarken.

Ensure either EPICS_BASE and EPICS_HOST_ARCH are set or

export NODE_EPICS_LIBCA=/path/to/libca

This release provides a very basic interface with minimal error handling done inside the node-red interface. However, all errors should appear either in the debug pane or in the node-red backend console (especially if crashing).

I have only tested with numerics and strings at the moment, not waveforms or other data types. Please see the node-epics github page for more information.

In future I hope to add more functionality to the node-epics module, including alarm handling etc, and pass this into the node.

MIT License (see license.txt for source)

Copyright Laurence Stant (SandyLabs) 2015

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